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 Karya Guide

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PostSubject: Karya Guide   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:47 pm

Greetings all
In this thread we will talk about karya ( archer ) skills. combo, and built

First the skills and combo:

Chaya+Sakata Rada+Irin Trika+Samayoga+Jama Trika+Pranika+Nas+Sakata Rada+Irin Trika..........

Every archery skill is important, except for.
Hima Rada: Ice arrow
Bisa Rada: Poison Arrow
Ramas: Fasta attack
Antalya and Antaly Birati: Traps.

Everything else, max it as soon as you can do it

Under Archery:
Bow Mastery max lvl But when you get Amara
Sakata Rada max lvl
Knockback max lvl
Irin Trika max lvl
Pranika max lvl
Jama Trika max lvl
Samyoga max lvl
Nas max lvl

Under Support:
Spriga max lvl But when you get Amara
Paraka max lvl
Paraka Mana max lvl
Dash/Wings max lvl
Shadow Body depends, i recommend max lvl right away. If not, do it as fast as you can
Third Eye, same as Shadow Body
Dusha just after you get A1
Root max lvl
Kudu max lvl

Skills you don't need to up:
Ramas, sux
Hima Rada, maybe it slows movement but you need to be high lvl, if you want it to work right then do it when you get A20
Bisa Rada, sux
Antalya and Antalya Birati, doesn't do much damage

And about the built, i suggest that you go for pure nerve, the accessories here are powerful, you can be pure never and still have high HP
Nerve give you damage, avoid, attack success and defense.

Hope you found that guide useful for you, you can post questions, provide us with tactics you use, other type of combo, builds... everyone is welcome.
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Karya Guide
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