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 Banar Guide

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PostSubject: Banar Guide   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:55 pm

Banar Guide

hello guys

In this thread . i will try to do my best in guiding you how to play with banar

in other thread some one asked about the banar`s combo !!

banar got only 3 combos , but the difference is how u use this combos

First : here is the combos in simple way

1 : Amada Cass + BIzsa / Power Strike + Muscle Max

2 : Stun + Uta + Badra

3 : Root ( Nauti ) + uta + badra

this is the simple way to have critical high damage by ur banar
but to be skilled banar .. you need to have skilled moves and here i am going to tell u about some of this moves which u can use in PVP

A ) about the badra as u saw up there . it got 2 combos . but the one which include stun is giving higher damage . so make it ur 1st idea .. just use the other badra`s combo which include nauti ( Root ) when u fail stunning ur enemy

b ) how to calculate all ur combos in 1 Move . so that u get down ur enemy even if he got high HP

Some players say that u cant use 2 combos during stunlocking ur enemy because the 1st combo need long time to use 2 skills and ur enemy will get up from his stun ( THATS WRONG ) because there is a way to keep ur enemy under stun during all ur combos

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Banar Guide
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