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 Satya Guide

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PostSubject: Satya Guide   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:58 pm

Hello Guys

In this thread . i will try to do my best in guiding you how to play with Satya

many people see that satya is useless character as long as it does not have any combos

also because there is other characters can take it is job as tanking ( BUT ITS A BIG MISTAKE )

Satya is one of the most important classes in tantra . and it has its own job which no other class can do instead


Satya is job not for damage . but for tank
and its not the only job its job is to tank , absorb damage from his party mates , and guard them all
and that what i will share here .

Satya`s Damage : it s not so important to get a high damage in satya , because its not part of ur job to be killer
thats why satya got only 1 damage skill
and its the amara skill
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Satya Guide
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