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 Samabat Guide

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PostSubject: Samabat Guide   Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:03 pm

Nerve Samabat Guide, by Kerrin of Manas

Post Markus on Tue 9 May - 19:26
Nerve Build Samabat

I. Introduction
Before anything else, I'd like to say that I will be using Deva to classify both Deva and Garuda. It's easier than typing Deva/Garuda all the time. (Garuda is the female counterpart of a Deva).

Devas are what we called the tribe who practices magic spells in Tantra. This tribe can cast powerful spells but are weak physically. Devas are classified into 2 more classes. Abikaras are the elementalists that focuses on damaging spells while Samabats have summoning powers and are known for their tapas recovery skills.

Devas are originally thought to be Mental/Heart builds. But after endless tests and experiments, Nerve build Devas are what they are calling the "new generation Devas". Another reason why NERVE builds are uprising is because of the Karya's skill Jama Trika. The higher the TP of the target, the more damage it takes. Nerve builds don't have high TP thus making them survive Jama Trika.

II. Chakras
* increases physical ATK and DEF
* increases physical ATK and DEF for all classes
* increases Avoid(Flee rate) and Attack Personality(hit rate/crit rate)
* increases magic damage for deva/garuda
* increases max TP for deva/garuda.
* increases magic damage for Deva/Garuda
* increases magic resistance for all classes
* increases max HP/TP for all character classes except Deva/Garuda
* increases 5 max HP for Deva/Garuda

Source: the 4 chakras
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Samabat Guide
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